Sunday, July 5, 2009

Homespun Neighborhood Fireworks

I didn't realize until yesterday that Tennessee is the first state I've ever lived in where fireworks are completely legal. It's a new concept- you can buy colorful novelties filled with gun powder and shoot them off on the city streets. The kids squeal, the drunk rednecks sometimes burn and blind themselves, and the rest of us get a damn good display. It's 100 times better than going somewhere crowded and waiting in the hot sun for six hours before it gets dark for a 15 minute show. (Ever been to the DC mall on Independence Day?)

We were lucky enough to have our two immediate neighbors spend about $200 on the best stuff they could find. One even had the Pyromaniacs Discount Card from the Fireworks Supermarket. I'd say it was worth every penny of someone else's money. Enjoy these blurry, yet fascinating pictures, all taken from our front stoop.

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Janna said...

Nice shots! San Francisco has the worst fireworks in the country-- you usually can't even see them through the fog. This is one time I'm definitely envious of your redneck living.