Monday, August 18, 2008

First Weekend out in the Smokies

So here we are in Tennessee, and the Camry's official!

We got the first chance this weekend to head out into the hills and do some camping in Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Our first choice was Big Creek Campground, a quaint little 15 site walk-in joint. Alas, it was already filled by Friday afternoon. So it goes, and so we headed the 12 miles over the mountain to Cosby campground. Of the big national park campgrounds, Cosby is supposed to be one of the best. And it was nice, they were right. The trees were tall and it really was situated down in the holler between huge peaks. And plenty of room for pancake cookin' on the new stove.

The sites were a little packed-in and close together. But it turned out to be a pretty friendly tent campground with nice flat tent pads. If they had filled up every site, it would have been uncomfortably cramped, but as it were there were a lot of open sites. Some Texans moved in across the road from us, and aside from their pickup truck-mounted shower, they weren't too bad for neighbors.

On Saturday we took a nice hike from the campground to Hen Wallow Falls, about 5 miles round trip, 3 leisurely hours. The trails in the national park so far are really heavily used, but thus really well maintained.

Tree roots paved the trail.

Danny and the falls.

Catchin' crawdads.

Don't have to get your feet wet.

And the best part of the whole weekend? Not having to drive through Staten Island traffic to get back on Sunday night. Here's to many more!

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Erin said...

You're like a real Wilderness Girl a la Troop Beverly Hills! Mazel tov on the new place and the new stomping (and camping!) grounds!